Rechelle Hawkes AOM

A former Olympic Gold medallist, Rechelle Hawkes OAM was appointed to the board of directors of the Clough Foundation on November 2017.

Rechelle is one of only two Australian women to win Olympic Gold medals at three separate Olympic Games. Captain of the Hockeyroos, (the Australian female Hockey Team), for eight years, Rechelle competed in four Olympic Games, winning three Olympic Gold medals.

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Last week our global brand Booth Welsh in Scotland hosted an international Fresh Thinking Labs session with partners Workplace Innovation Europe CLG on Industry 4.0 and #Digitalisation.    Companies travelled from all over the world to attend including our team member, Bernadette, who heads up Innovation at Clough.  There were so many great takeaways and discussions that started with a whole host of businesses in different sectors sitting around the table (quite literally) sharing innovate ideas and practices.  A summary blog on the event from Workplace Innovation Europe is here: #CloughGlobal #collaboratetoinnovate